Roulette Betting Strategies & Betting Systems

Roulette is popular in the UK since thousands of British players search for strategies to play roulette online.

This is where comes in. I give an overview of the different roulette betting strategies and how to use them.

Despite giving you the best chance to win more using a roulette strategy. It can be risky and doesn’t guarantee you any roulette winnings.

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Why You Should Test a Roulette Betting Strategy

Test a new online roulette strategy for free at

You want to see if a roulette system checks out mathematically before you use it.

After all, the numbers don’t lie. Here are the various betting systems and strategies available to roulette players from Britain:

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale betting system is where you double your bets after every losing Roulette spin. It’s the most popular betting strategy.

When you eventually hit a winning spin you’ll cover all your losses.

Moreover, you’ll revert to your original bet when you lose. Hit a winner again, you’ll repeat the process. The Martingale is high-risk but potentially high reward.

Learn About Martingale Betting Strategy

Reverse Martingale

The Reverse Martingale is the opposite of the Martingale betting system.

After every win, you’ll double your bets until you have a losing spin. If you lose, you’ll start betting with your original wager again.

Learn About Reverse Martingale

Grand Martingale

You’ll wager the same amount on every loss for the Grand Martingale.

On a non-winning spin double the bet and add 1 unit. The goal is to cover your losses and to make something extra.

Learn About Grand Maringale Strategy

D’alembert Betting Strategy

roulette iconThe D’alembert is ideal for UK roulette players who play for high stakes. Add one unit after a loss, and decrease your wager by one unit when you win.

Learn About D’alembert

3/2 Betting Strategy

In the 3/2 Betting Strategy, you’ll place 3 units on the even-money bet and two units on a column bet. That covers a large section of the roulette table.

Not only does it help you to win more but you’re covering a variety of bets. Technically speaking, it improves your winning chances from 59.46% to 70.27%.

It’s a good option for players who prefer roulette for low stakes.

Learn About 3/2 Betting Strategy

Makarov-Biarritz Strategy

The Makarov-Biarritz technique requires a wager on a single number across 36 spins.

It’s a simple roulette betting strategy for low-stakes roulette players. Your chance of hitting your preferred number is 62.81%.

Kavouras Betting System

Ioannis Kavouras developed the Kavouras Betting System. You place your bets on specific corners, lines, and splits.

It gives you 54% odds of winning and includes 20 numbers. You’ll bet 1 unit on corners 0, 1, 2, 3, and 2 units on the 31 to 36. Plus, on 1 unit on various splits.

Finals Betting Strategy

With the Finals Betting System, you’ll wager on numbers that end with the same digit. You’ll observe 39 spins to spot infrequently appearing “finals”.

Bet on those numbers for the next 9 spins, it relies heavily on the gambler’s fallacy.

Four Pillars Strategy

With the Four Pillar, you’ll bet on three corners and two lines.

You’ll place your chips on 14-15-17-18. Ioannis Kavouras claims that certain numbers are more prominent because of their colour and “attributes.”

The roulette strategy covers around 65% of possible outcomes and is relatively safe.

Lucky Seven Method

The Lucky Seven Method is a progressive betting strategy that aims for 7 wins in a row.

You’ll start with even money bets like red or black. If the first bet wins, you’ll increase the next bet to 1.5 times the original amount.

For every spin, you lose your bet to the starting amount. Moreover, keep repeating it until you land 7 consecutive wins.

The goal is to increase your profits gradually to mitigate the risks.

£5 Per Spin Strategy

The £5 Per Spin Strategy starts at £25 across five-line bets meaning it’s a progressive betting system.

You’ll increase your wager to £300 when you incur a losing roulette spin. It claims 81% of possible outcomes increasing your winning chances.

It’s a risky betting system and only high-stakes roulette players should use it.

Ascot Strategy Betting System

You’ll use a sequence of mainly odd numbers with the Ascor Betting System. Increase your bet after every win and focus on even money.

If you lose, lower your bet. This betting system aims to reduce your losses over the long haul.

Base Five System

Another progressive betting strategy is the Base Five System. As the name implies you start betting with £5 stake.

You’ll increase your stake in sequence from 1x, 2x, 3x, and 5x every time you win. When you lose, you’ll revert to your original wager.

Increase the bet in a sequence of 1x, 2x, 3x, and 5x with each win. The system resets to the initial bet size after a loss or upon.

The profit margin is 5.57% since it focuses on four consecutive wins.

Andrucci Method

The Andrucci Method is not the best strategy for playing roulette to win money.

Here’s why. It uses 37 spins to identify a “hot” number by focusing on past spins to predict future spins.

That’s the same as the gambler’s fallacy and more conducive to live roulette.


Labouchere strategy is when you bet on your favourite numbers. Every spin amounts to the sum of the first and last number on the list.

Remove the two numbers from the list when you win. If you lose, add the bet amount to the bottom of the list and continue playing.

Learn About The Labouchere Strategy


The Fibonacci sequence begins with 0 and 1 and follows a negative progression system. It’s mainly for even money wagers such as betting on red/black or even/odd outcomes.

Each number in the sequence is the sum of the two preceding numbers.

When you lose, you move up one number in the sequence. Win, you’ll move down two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence.

Learn About Fibonacci Strategy

Romanovsky Strategy

The Romanovsky betting system states you must bet on two Dozens columns and 2 corner bets. Your odds of winning money with the system is 86.50%.

And, your chances of losing are 13.5 percent. I suggest you only use it for the short term.

666 System

The 666 System is relatively safe and many roulette experts use it. The only number you won’t place your chips on is the 4. It’s a decent strategy if you play roulette for high stakes.

36 Strategy

As the name implies this strategy focuses on the number 36. It believes that “36” is a lucky number provided you include it with even/odd, high/low, or red/black.

Oscar Grind

If you use the Oscar Grind roulette strategy you must increase your bets by 1 unit for every win. On a losing spin, you’ll return to your original bet adding 1 unit.

Fisher Strategy

You’ll only place 4 bets on even/odd numbers to see how many wins and losses you have. When you lose all four bets, make another bet with the total of the first three wagers.

Contra Bet

The Contra Bet or the Contra D’Alembert prompts you to bet on Even/Odd, Red/Black, or Over/Under.

On every roulette spin, you win you’ll add one unit. You’ll deduct a unit for each losing spin but you won’t go lower than your original bet.

4567 Strategy Strategy

Are you looking for winning odds of 63%? If yes, the 4567 roulette strategy is one of the best.

You’ll double each bet and after a loss, you’ll use the 4567 sequence.

$150 System

With the $150 system bet $50 on two dozen columns and $5 on 10 of the remaining 12 numbers.

24 + 8 System

When you use the 24+8 betting system this strategy offers you winning odds of 90%. You’ll bet 10-unit bets on the first and third Dozens columns.

Next, bet 10 units on any 10 numbers remaining in the second Dozens column.

64% Strategy

The 64% is a fairly safe betting strategy UK players can use on European Roulette. Your chances of winning money using the 64% strategy is 64%.

Hollandish System Strategy

The Hollandish System states you must increase your wagers for every losing bet. If you win, revert to your original stake.

Tier Et Tout System

Tier et Tout strategy involves betting one-third of the initial bet amount. Double your bets if you lose and when you win, increase them.

Masse Egale System

The Mass Egale betting strategy is where your bets stay the same even if you win or lose. It’s a decent betting system to try out the Straight Up Bet.

Shotwell Strategy

With the Shotwell betting strategy, you’ll have two sets of bets. You’ll bet on four-straight-up numbers and a 6-line group, covering 10 numbers.

The math checks out which means it’s a popular betting strategy among roulette players.

Best Roulette Betting Systems Probability of Winning Money

The table indicates the probabilities of winning money with some of the best roulette betting systems. Assuming European roulette with a house edge of 2.7%:

Betting System Description Probability of Winning Money (Short Term)
Martingale Double the bet after each loss 47.4%
Fibonacci Bet according to the Fibonacci sequence 47.4%
D'Alembert Increase by one unit after a loss, decrease by one after a win 47.4%
Paroli Double the bet after each win, and return to the base bet after a loss 47.4%
Labouchere Cross off numbers in a sequence after wins, add after losses 47.4%
  • European Roulette Probability: All systems have the same probability (47.4%) in the short term due to the game’s nature.
  • Long-term Play: The house edge of 2.7% eventually affects all systems.

The probabilities illustrate that different systems offer varied approaches to managing bets. None can overcome the inherent house edge in the long run.

Is it Safe to Use a Betting Strategy to Play Roulette?

No betting strategy guarantees you a win. Since roulette is a game of chance the house edge is against you from the first spin.

The Martingale betting system prompts you to double your bets on every loss.

Use it recklessly and it could result in heavy losses. Imagine you hit 10 or more consecutive losing spins.

Besides, a roulette betting strategy only works in the short to medium term. Choose a strategy that suits your budget.

Some betting systems to play roulette are convenient for small budgets and others for high rollers.

Dr. Edward O. Thorp a top mathematician-gambler said no casino player can beat the house. If betting systems were successful casinos would have gone out of business long ago.

Tips for Using a Roulette Strategy

If you decide to use a betting strategy to play roulette know that the odds are against you. Test it a few times by playing free roulette.

The House Always Wins

Software providers design their casino games so that they always favour the house. The longer your sessions are the more money you'll lose. Choose a betting system that suits your bankroll and playing style.

Some systems are more aggressive than others offering bigger profit margins but you lose a lot.

Choose the Right Tables

Play at tables with flexible betting limits especially if you use the Martingale. In other words, they must offer high betting limits per the system you use.

Bankroll Management

The roulette system you use should be in line with your budget. If you have a bankroll of 100 quid don't use the Martingale, use the Masse Egale system instead.

Time is of the Essence

Some betting systems require more time than others. And, when it comes to playing roulette for real, time is money. If you play live dealer roulette at a live casino you only have a certain time to place your bets. As such, that can be a problem if you're using a betting system that requires multiple bets.

Play the Right Game

European roulette has a better house edge because of its single zero. American roulette has two zeroes with a higher house edge of 5.7%. When you choose a betting system pick the right roulette variant.

Responsible Gaming

Since roulette is a game of chance it can swing both ways. You can win a lot and it can wipe out your bankroll within a session. Keep your emotions like fear and greed in check. Don't overplay your budget and cash out if you win. Moreover, if you can't control your spending habits, self-exclude.

Knowledge And Proficiency

Try out different strategies and bets with free credits. Keep track of your playing experience over thousands of spins.


Roulette is an entertaining and rewarding casino game that favours the house.

Don’t rush your bets. Use a betting strategy and practice the game in demo mode before you risk your money.

Besides, you don’t need a large bankroll to win money playing roulette.


Is it legal to use a strategy playing roulette?

Yes, it’s 100% legal to use one. They rely heavily on chance and they’re mathematically sound. It’s almost like counting cards in blackjack. It’s not illegal, it’s just that casinos don’t like it. If a betting strategy manipulates the outcome of a game, only then is it not legal.

Which strategy is ideal for beginner players?

The D’alembert and the Reverse Martingale are not as risky. It’s easy to use them and they don’t need large bankrolls.

What’s the best system for high-stakes players?

The Martingale betting system requires you to double your bets on every loss. However, things can get out of hand quickly if you hit several non-winning spins.

You won’t be able to double down to win back the money you’ve lost. For that reason alone I’m cautious of the Martinagle betting system.

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