Makarov-Biarritz Strategy

The Makarov-Biarritz betting system involves placing equal bets on single numbers. Plus, a combination of numbers for higher payouts.

It focuses on a mix of straight-up and split bets. The goal is to maximize returns while managing risk, aiming for occasional big wins.

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How Does the Makarov-Biarritz Strategy Work?

The Makarov-Biarritz system is not an even-money betting system. It’s a simple betting system where you place your bets on one number for 36 spins.

You’ll change the number if your number wins after 36 spins. Use the Makarov-Biarritz strategy to play European roulette because it has a single zero.

The house edge of 2.7% is lower than American roulette’s 5.29%.

Your odds of winning within 36 spins is approximately 62.81%. That’s quite good in the grander scheme of things.

marakov biarritz roulette strategy example

Testing the Makarov-Biarritz Strategy

I tested the roulette betting strategy by playing roulette for free over 36 spins with a budget of $50.

Bets were on single numbers and combinations including split bets. The table below shows the outcomes, winnings, and cumulative balance over 36 spins.

Betting Results

In Bet Type Outcome Winnings Cumulative Balance
1 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $40
2 Single Number + Split Win (Split) $35 $75
3 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $65
4 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $55
5 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $45
6 Single Number + Split Win (Single) $175 $220
7 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $210
8 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $200
9 Single Number + Split Win (Split) $35 $235
10 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $225
11 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $215
12 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $205
13 Single Number + Split Win (Single) $175 $380
14 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $370
15 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $360
16 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $350
17 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $340
18 Single Number + Split Win (Split) $35 $375
19 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $365
20 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $355
21 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $345
22 Single Number + Split Win (Single) $175 $520
23 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $510
24 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $500
25 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $490
26 Single Number + Split Win (Split) $35 $525
27 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $515
28 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $505
29 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $495
30 Single Number + Split Win (Single) $175 $670
31 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $660
32 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $650
33 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $640
34 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $630
35 Single Number + Split Loss -$10 $620
36 Single Number + Split Win (Split) $35 $655


During the 36 spins, I wagered $10 per spin on single numbers and splits.

With occasional single-number wins of $175 and moderate gains of $35 from split wins.

Despite experiencing frequent losses, the cumulative balance increased due to the high payouts.

My final balance reached $655, resulting in a net profit of $605. That demonstrates the betting system’s potential for significant wins when using it to play roulette.

Has Anyone Won a Lot of Money Playing Roulette?

There are no verified cases of players winning large sums of money using the Makarov-Biarritz betting strategy.

Betting strategies like this are subject to the inherent house edge in casino games like roulette.

While some players may experience short-term wins, the long-term expectations favor the casino.

Additionally, personal gambling experiences and wins are often anecdotal. They don’t adhere to a specific strategy due to the random nature of roulette.

Cons of Using the Betting Strategy

The Makarov-Biarritz betting system involves managing multiple bets simultaneously, which can be confusing.

The strategy results in infrequent but substantial wins. To offset those losing streaks you need a big bankroll.

You can expect non-winning spins playing roulette 30% of the time.

Makarov-Biarritz vs Labouchere

Choosing between the Makarov-Biarritz and Labouchere betting strategies depends on your risk tolerance.


  • Pros: Offers potential for large wins; can be exciting.
  • Cons: High variability; requires a substantial bankroll; complex to manage.


  • Pros: Structured and systematic; easier to manage; focuses on smaller, more consistent wins.
  • Cons: Can lead to large losses in extended losing streaks; still requires careful bankroll management.

The Labouchere strategy is generally better for players looking for a system with consistent smaller wins.

The Makarov-Biarritz strategy is better for high-stakes roulette players. The risks are higher and it could smash your bankroll, fast.


I enjoyed using the Makarov-Biarrits betting system despite its volatility. Testing it with free credits yielded a profit of $605 after 36 spins.

Another thing that counts in its favour is that you’ll win around 70% of the time. It can be profitable, however, you must hit the right sequence with the straight-up bet.

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